• $59.95

    The Golden Grown Hoodie set the golden standard of comfort with 100% soft, yet strong cotton for warmth and high snuggle factor. Shipping included in the price.

  • $39.99

    CBD Joint & Pain Salve  Golden Grown's own Joint & Pain Salve, which comes in a 500mg CBD 4 oz jar. Golden Grown does not use any volatile extracts or isolate to make these products....

  • $24.99

    Golden Grown's Snapback Hat 100% FRESH

  • $40.00

    500mg total, 10 pieces of 50 mg each. White Chocolate Rice Crispy flavor. Ingredients: white chocolate, sugar, coco butter, whole milk powder, emulsifier, soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavoring, corn, syrup, delta 8 hemp extract.

  • $15.00

    CBD Infused Hempqueños Conquer breakfast with Hemp Infused Gastro House's [H.I.G.H.] Hempqueños! Grab an 8 pack and get the party started!

  • $25.00

    Golden Grown Mint CBD Oral Strips $25 per cassette with limited-time free shipping!

  • Test Test

  • $31.95

     Behold! The GOLDEN CONE! Premium CBD Hemp wrapped in a golden leaf. Pricing includes shipping.

  • $75.95

    Hand-rolled California-grown premium perfection in a golden wrap. Enjoy Golden Grown's premium CBD Golden Gar features a 30 minute burn time, so get cozy!  Golden Grown's premium CBD Golden Gar is made to order for the freshest...